#10: The Spin-Off – “Puss in Boots”

Shrek was an animation sensation when it hit theaters back in 2001. Shrek 2 (2004) kept the series afloat with more clever fairytale culture references and jokes. However, the only thing that really came out of the sequel was the furry feline sidekick Shrek and Donkey acquired along the way, Antonio Banderas’s Puss… In Boots! While this kitty cat stole the show, did he necessarily earn a spinoff prequel? Since this film was originally intended to be a Direct-to-DVD feature… Not really.

The adorable stares don’t save this film from mediocrity.

In this animated re-imagining of Puss In Boots’s origins, we find Puss growing up as an orphan with his only friend, Humpty Dumpty. Years later, Puss is branded as an outlaw and no longer associated with Humpty. In need of dinero for cream and milk, Puss undertakes a quest, with his new friend Kitty Softpaws, to steal magic beans. Continue reading


#9: “Shrek 2” and the Status of Animated Sequels

Can you think of the last time you saw a sequel that was really really good? Like better than the original? (Try and exclude adapted literary works because that’s cheating.) Now try to think of the last good animated sequel you saw. If you’re like me, this just keeps getting harder. With the mind-blowing exception that is the Toy Story franchise, I’m hard-pressed to think of a good animated sequel. Most of the older animated sequels ended up going straight to VHS/DVD/Blu-Ray, particularly the Disney Princess sequels. Suffice to say, straight to DVD essentially means that they are dead on arrival for me.

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