*Update for Midterm* #6: “Get A Horse” Is a Blend of the Old and the New in Animation

This past Sunday night, the 86th Annual Academy Awards premiered on ABC. After months of build-up and anticipation, the ceremony came and went without too many surprises. One of the biggest upsets of the night, however, occurred in a category that historically doesn’t garner much attention at all, no matter how shocking the results end up being. I’m referring to Best Animated Short Film. Get A Horse was the extremely popular and well received short that ran in theaters before Disney’s Frozen. The short film that ended up taking home the prize was a Fraco-Luxembourger production by the name of Mr. Hublot. While I don’t pretend to understand the minds of Academy voters, I’ll just take it on good faith that Mr. Hublot is a wonder to behold. But this post is about Get A Horse, so lets get back on track and discuss how this classically-inspired short captured the hearts of so many people with its blend of fundamental animation and modern-era storytelling.
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