#5: FOX’s Animation Domination Crossovers

Animation Domination is a block of time on FOX television network on Sunday nights that shows adult cartoons. It was first aired during sweeps week in May 2005 with the introduction of American Dad and the three-year revival of Family Guy, supported by the comedic anchors of The Simpsons and King of the Hill. Since these properties are all owned by FOX, the possibilities for crossovers in a shared universe are unlimited. Animation makes the crossover potential more appealing and feasible due to the low-level of commitment from the stars of the other shows. Continue reading


#4: Letting Go to Embrace Womanhood in “Frozen”

If you’re in an animation class, chances are that you’ve seen and thoroughly enjoyed Disney’s latest princess tale, Frozen. Besides breaking records at the box office, the official soundtrack is also breaking records on the Billboard charts. One song in particular is the driving force behind the current obsession with Frozen. That song is, “Let It Go,” sung by the misunderstood queen Elsa, a.k.a. Idina Menzel.

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#3: “A Cat in Paris” is Actually About a Cat Burglar

“A Cat in Paris” is literally about a cat who lives in Paris named Dino. By day he stays with a lonely little girl named Zoe, and by night he is on the prowl with a thief named Nico. In the animation style of the film, we see that Zoe and Nico mirror character traits of a cat through their movements while representing the motives of a cat looking for a family in the city of love.
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#2: Flynn Rider Saves his Demographic in “Tangled”


In most Disney princess films, the main focus is on the princess with the prince occasionally showing up to save the day. However, Disney’s 50th animated feature Tangled (2010) shakes up that age-old formula in favor of a new onscreen dynamic. In order to draw a larger male audience after the poor box office performance of 2009’s The Princess and the Frog, Tangled‘s marketing and overall narrative structure put the prince and the princess on equal ground. This technique would go on to benefit the film both financially and critically.
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